Mina Luna Vincent is a Mexican film director, art director, musician, artist, screenwriter, producer, and novelist. In her filmmaking career, Vincent Luna is one of the most trusted names in Fashion Media in Australia. has alternated between -language dark fantasy pieces, such as the gothic horror films ‘Estremecer, Lejos de ti’ (2020) and more mainstream Australian animation, experimental, short movies ”The space to your pleasure” (2019) She is also a prolific associate producer, Michael. Sammler ( short 2021) Mina Vincent. She began with Fashion Photography for designers and makeup artists. In U.S.A (2002) IN (2008). Started her tertiary education in Film and Fashion Design Business at Centro De Artes Visuales, Guadalajara, Mexico in (2008).

During her study period, she worked for an advertising company as an Art Director and created campaigns from the inception to take charge of all the creative aspects of productions. The same time She founded Black Xolo Films, a film company specializing in creating promotional videos for the Fashion industry, promoting tourism, LGBTIQ+, Femmenism. Documentals, short films, animation. 3D in Mexico She continued her career in the Film and Photography after migration towards the Melbourne, in 2016 She has worked with labels such as Mossman, Once Was, and Sketchers and has comprehended her work which includes promotional videos for models Natalia Kalinowski, Odna Gerel, and Meika Woollard. Her workings were also highlighted in Elegant Magazine, L’Oréal Color Awards night 2020, and 2020 Virgin Australia’s Melbourne Fashion Festival.

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